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How can we help you?

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What is a Top Ad

In a bid to serve you better, OLX now offers the Top Ad Service which is an extra paid option for our users who want to stand out and reach more interested buyers quickly and easily.

Top Ad is a featured listing that appears on the Top Ad section of the listing page for a given period making it easily visible to users, many users read and reply to these ads.

The Top Ad section displays up to 3 top ads at a time and these ads get up to 10 times more views compared to a normal ad.

The system rotates all the top ads each time the page is refreshed to ensure equal visibility for all top ads while an ad in the normal ad listing section will drop down the listing page as more ads get posted.

Buying a Top Ad is a quick way to help sell your item(s) faster.

You can purchase a Top Ad for 3 days (5 times more replies), 7 days (10 times more replies), 14 days (20 times more replies) or 30 days (50 times more replies). These options are available when posting or editing an ad.

For information on how to buy a top ad, click here.

When a potential buyer clicks on your ad, they will still be able to see a link to your other ads.

You can also purchase top ad bundles at great discounts, click here to learn more.