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How can we help you?

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How to buy a Top Ad

Buying a Top Ad is quick and easy, payment is also fast, safe and secure.

The pricing for Top Ads is subject to change at any time and it is best to always stay in touch with latest prices.

To buy a Top Ad and check for latest prices, kindly follow the steps below.

  • On the OLX Homepage, click on “Sell your item” in the top right corner of the page.
  • Complete the information about your item (title, category, description, pictures) and your contact  information.
  • Top Ads section is available for your review at the bottom of the page.
  • Confirm your Top ad selection.
  • Choose a payment option as in the image below
  • Click on "Pay for Top Ad".


You can pay for your Top ad via debit card, paying into any bank branch with Paydirect or by doing a bank transfer.

To learn more about Bank branch (Paydirect), please click here

To make a bank transfer, see details below:

Account Name: Media 24 Nigeria LTD-OLX
Bank Account Number: 0077703205,

Kindly fill in your transaction ID(same thing as your AD ID) as payment reference.

N.B: Forgot to include your Ad Id? Not to worry, send us a mail via containing your bank name, bank account name, phone number and AD ID, we would make your ad a top ad.

You can also buy a Top ad through your OLX account.

To buy a Top ad through your OLX account, kindly follow the steps below

  • Log into your OLX Account.
  • Click on your “Active” ads.
  • Click on “Buy top ad” for the ad you would want to be on top like in the image below.

  • Confirm your Top Ad selection by selecting your preferred duration.
  • The current prices for top ads in any category are available on the right corner of the confirmation page, check image below.
  • Choose a payment option.
  • Click on "Pay for Top Ad".

As soon as payment has been made (subject to passing our posting rules), your ad should go live all the way to the top!