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How can we help you?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Sell my Items faster?

OLX can help you sell your items faster through our Do It For Me Service.We can either Post It For You or Sell It For You depending on your needs and preference. Please read more here about how we can help you sell your items quickly with our new and exciting Do It For Me Service!

Will OLX request for my account details especially my password?

OLX will never request for the password to your account on our website. Please beware of anyone posing as an OLX Staff or Agent requesting for your password. Kindly protect the password to your OLX account and do not share this information with anyone. As soon as you are contacted by anyone requesting this information, please inform us by calling us on 0700-2255-659 or send a message to

Why is my Job Ad not yet live?

In order to give all our users an awesome experience on the website and especially within our jobs category, please note that you are expected to pass our verification check and pay a listing fee of ₦500 for every job ad posted. Please read more about this here.

Is it possible for OLX to help me find an item I want to buy?

We have good news for you in this regard! Effective April 1st 2016, we can absolutely help you find an item you are interested in buying within any of our different categories. So if you are looking for an item to buy and your schedule means you are quite busy or don't have the time to browse the thousands of ads on the website, we can do this for you conveniently! Please read more about our Find It For Me service here

Why do I have to download a new app?

In order to serve you better, OLX has upgraded to a new and more efficient platform.Please note that your OLX account will not be negatively affected. However, you will be required to download the new app to enjoy a whole new awesome experience on OLX.

Please download the new app here and continue buying and selling with ease!

Why does the site look different?

Due to the recent upgrade of the OLX site, there has been significant changes in the mobile app and the desktop site to further enhance your user experience with us! Our joy is to ensure you transact business on our platform easily and efficiently.

Hope you have a pleasant experience buying and selling !

Why can’t I find all the images I posted along with my ad?

It is important that the images posted are directly relevant to the ad(s) posted and conform with our terms of use at OLX. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but images which fall in the under-listed category will be removed from ads posted:

  • Images of children
  • Images portraying nudity
  • Watermarked Images
  • Images with third party website address / URL

Why was my ad text edited?

The quality of ads posted on our platform matter a lot to us. As a result, we are focused on ensuring that ads posted have really good all-round quality in terms of image, title and description. A badly, punctuated ad, with wrong spelling can really work against an ad and sometimes, even change its meaning. We are here to help! We have edited the ad and corrected the typographical errors on your behalf.

Why was my ad deleted (Bad Price)

Your ad may have been deleted because the price quoted is below or above its current market value. Please ensure that the price for your item is reflective of its market value. One more thing- Input only numbers in the space provided for price. Do not format the price with spaces, punctuation marks or other special characters. For instance, an ad priced at Forty Five Thousand Naira, should state "45000" in the price box. Not "45", "45k", "45,000.00".

Why was my ad deleted (Multiple accounts)

Unfortunately, we had to suspend your account because we detected that you are using multiple accounts/e-mail address to post the same content. We apologize, but this is not allowed under our Terms of Use and Posting rules policy.

Kindly read our Terms of Use ( and confirm which of your email addresses you would like to keep using so that we can reactivate one of your accounts.