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How can we help you?

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Daily Refresh

Do you know that OLX users can only refresh their ads once in 7-days?

Refreshing ads boosts ads all the way to the top of the page and for our valued users to have a fantastic experience using our website, we are offering the option to refresh ads anytime for a small fee:

For N500, we can refresh a single ad once but we can also refresh ads multiple times at huge discounts. You also have the option to refresh more than 1 ad , the more ads you refresh, the higher the discount.

Please see below the price list for various duration,

     Number of Ads              1 day           7 days          14 days          30 days
            1      ₦500.00 ₦3,300.00 ₦5,600.00   ₦10,500.00
                3      ₦1,500.00 ₦9,900.00 ₦16,800.00   ₦31,500.00
                5      ₦2,000.00 ₦13,300.00 ₦22,400.00    ₦42,000.00
                10      ₦3,000.00   ₦19,990.00 ₦31,500.00 ₦58,500.00
                20      ₦4,000.00   ₦26,600.00 ₦42,000.00 ₦78,000.00

To enjoy this service, kindly make a bank transfer to the OLX account and click here to fill a form with details of your ad(s)

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank


Account Number: 0212147448

Only pay into the OLX account details above, OLX will never ask you to pay a different amount into an individual's account.

When your ad is refreshed, the date posted on the website changes to the date and time of refresh.

In case you need clarifications about this service, please feel free to reach out to us via our call center on 07002255659, send us a mail here or chat with any of our agents on the Help Center.