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How can we help you?

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Pay to List

In a bid to help our users have a fabulous experience using the website, we recently introduced the “Pay to List” service which allows users post an unlimited number of ads on OLX monthly (within 30 days).

The service was launched as part of our commitments to making OLX a value driven and safe place to trade for our users.

To pay, kindly make a bank transfer to the OLX account and send your bank name, account name, phone number and amount paid to us here , see account details below:

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank


Account Number: 0212147448

Once your payment has been confirmed, you'll be able to post an unlimited number of ads within 30 days.

For inquiries about this service, kindly send a mail here or call us on 07002255659, we are also available round the clock to chat with you.