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Do It For Me (DIFM) Terms & Conditions

OLX Do It For Me – Terms of Service

The terms and conditions below (the “Terms of Service”) are applicable to OLX users making use of the OLX Do It For Me Service for the sale of their items through OLX Champs (the “Service”). If you do not agree with these terms then you should refrain from using the Service. We encourage you to read and understand the Terms of Service prior to making payment of the subscription fee as these Terms of Service are a legally binding agreement between you and us. The Terms of Service shall, together with the OLX Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, govern the use of the Service.

  1. By signing up for the Do It For Me Service you agree to pay the non-refundable subscription fee online to the OLX Champ as stated here.

     2. You agree to pay a post-sales commission fee to the OLX Champ directly after the sale of your items. The amount of the post-sales commission fee will depend on the final sales price and will be determined in accordance with the price list stated here.

     3. You represent and warrant that the item(s) you are selling through the Service is/are not stolen property and that the item(s) has/have never been involved in any suspicious deal whatsoever and that you shall admit all liabilities if this declaration is suspected or proved contrary to the above.

     4. OLX uses its best endeavours to ensure that selling and buying through its platform is safe. The services of the OLX Champ will help increase this safety. You agree however that OLX is not responsible for any transaction through the Service and that OLX will not be liable for any claim whatsoever, including claims for damages of any kind, against OLX as a result of the Service.